Adult Advisers

Here at YRUUP, we have a minimum youth:adult ratio of 10:1, but we strive to maintain 8:1 whenever possible. Although the ratio is important for legal reasons, it’s important to understand that our adult advisers are more than just a number! YRUUP advisers play a very important role in our community, serving as an invaluable resource for our leaders, and as treasured members of our community. For more information, or to apply as an adviser, please contact our Adult Coordinator.

If you are interested in becoming an adviser, you have a few options: Incoming Adviser, Conference Adviser, and Council Adviser.

Incoming Adviser:

For those of you who have never advised a con – maybe never even seen a con – we have a program designed to bring you up to speed. YRUUP can be a challenging environment for new advisers, and we recognize this. The Incoming Adviser is assigned a mentor adviser at the beginning of a con. Mentors and their Incoming Advisers will meet with the Adult Co. and Lead Adviser once for every full day of the con in addition to the standard adviser meeting at the beginning of the conference. Incoming Advisers and their mentor counterparts will be assigned to the same touchgroup. Some advisers will rely more on their mentors than others. Whatever your style turns out to be, we encourage you to check in with your mentor frequently.

Conference Adviser:

This is the standard option for our advisers. Conference Advisers attend at least one conference per Council Cycle (Feb – Jan). In addition, Conference Advisers can volunteer as mentors for the Incoming Adviser program. We have an adult meeting at the beginning of each conference, and again on Sunday for longer cons. Each Conference Adviser will be assigned to a touchgroup and youth touchgroup leader.

Council Adviser:

Want to help keep cons happening? Fantastic! YRUUP elects four advisers to Youth Council every year. These advisers are the center of adult guidance for our governing body. Council Advisers are asked to attend council meetings and retreats with the youth members of council. We also strongly encourage Council Advisers to attend as many YRUUP events as possible. In addition, Council Advisers may act as Lead Advisers at any of our conferences.