YRUU Pacific’s mission is to empower youth by giving them the tools and experience they need to be leaders in their various communities. To this end, Youth Conferences are run by teams of Youth Empowered Lay Leaders (YELLers). These youth are chosen for each con by the Co Conference Coordinators (CoCoCos) or in some cases, the deans for that particular con, to fill important roles at YRUUP events. YELLers arrive at the site early to touch base and help to set up for the con, and together run the event from start to finish. Each YELLer position and its associated duties are listed below.

If you would like to be a YELLer at an upcoming con, click the button to fill out an application.

  • Deans: Each conference shall be planned and run by two Deans (in collaboration with Council and YELLers), along the guidelines outlined within the Dean Guide. The Deans shall serve as the primary point of leadership for their designated event, and will select a Workshop Coordinator and Coffee House Coordinator(s) at least two weeks in advance. WUUKY shall be planned and run by three Deans, preferably including a treasurer or other council member.

  • Worship Coordinator: Worship Coordinator(s) shall plan and run worship at conferences.

  • Touch Group Leaders: The Touch Group Coordinator shall select touch group leaders and assign attendees to touch groups in a way that ensures touch group diversity and breaks up friend groups. The Touch Group Coordinator shall teach touch group leaders what to do, and emphasize the use of the Touch Group Guide.

  • Coffee House Coordinators: Coffee House Coordinators shall organize a coffee house (talent optional talent show) with time constraints in mind. Performers shall be limited to one or two acts of a reasonable length.

  • Cooks: Cooks shall prepare meals, be mindful of scheduling and dietary needs, and provide a secure space for con attendees to keep their prescription medications. However, the cooks are not responsible for ensuring that individual attendees take their medications. Cooks shall ensure full accountability to the Treasurers and to each other.

  • Chaplains: Trained peer Chaplains (and their adult counterparts) are present at every YRUUP event and are available at all hours to give non-directive help and empowerment to youth who are in a crisis or otherwise need to talk. Conversations with Chaplains are confidential unless confidentiality violates mandatory reporting laws, as outlined in the Chaplain handbook. Adult chaplain(s) shall be selected by the Adult Coordinator. Both youth and adult chaplains shall have attended and participated in a Chaplain Training, have reviewed the Chaplain Guide prior to chaplaining an event, and have a hard copy of the Chaplain Handbook present at the event.

  • GoFer: The GoFer(s) is (are) in charge of getting essential supplies for the conference, specifically food for the cooks and forgotten essential items for individuals. The GoFer shall be an insured and licensed driver, and may only transport others in compliance with NCUUCC policies. Per NCUUCC policies, the GoFer shall be reimbursed for gas expenses at the rate for non profit travel reimbursement as dictated by the IRS; the GoFer is responsible for recording the number of miles driven and reporting such to the co-treasurers for reimbursement.

  • CABBAGE: The CABBAGE is anonymously in charge of initiating games and creating a welcoming atmosphere for new attendees. They also monitor the social dynamics within the conference community and actively break up cliques in an effort to connect the con community as a whole.

  • Sanitation Engineer: The Sanitation Engineer is in charge of maintaining overall health and cleanliness at WUUKY.  They shall help oversee cleaning of the facilities and make sure that attendees participate in their responsibilities regarding the overall cleanliness of the site.