YRUUP Council’s 2019 Cycle Training Retreat

YRUUP Council’s 2019 Cycle Training Retreat

YRUUP Council

YRUUP is run by a youth executive board called Council. This Council is responsible for planning conferences, working with local congregations, setting policies and procedures, and giving the youth a voice in the Unitarian Universalist community.

YRUUP’s youth Council is elected once a year at the Elections Conference over President’s Day weekend. Old members of council remain onboard in an advisory capacity for six months after the new council cycle is elected.

Each Council member has a specific position that they fulfill in addition to their role as a voting Council member. Below you can find descriptions of all of the positions, as well as who currently holds each seat and their contact information.

Current Facilitator: Reign Miller

The Facilitator is in charge of setting the agenda and facilitating meetings. Facilitators should attend all of the meetings! They are also expected to act as the chief administrator. Facilitators will work with the Energy Chair to book sites for meetings, and will notify Council Officers at least one month prior to the meeting date.

Energy Chair


Current Energy Chair:  Shay Moor

The energy chair keeps track of the emotional and energy level of meetings and conferences. Energy chairs plan brief closing and opening rituals for each meeting, and are in charge of worship for council retreats. They are also expected to remind Council Officers of commitments and maintain an overall view of the workings of the council. The Energy Chair will work with the Facilitator to books sites for meetings, and will notify Council Officers at least one month prior to the meeting date.

Current Treasurers: Erek Leschyn and Slate Taylor

The treasurers are responsible for receiving the event funds from the NCUUCC Treasurer prior to a YRUUP event and bringing said funds in the form of cash to the event. The treasurers will work with the GoFer to keep track of all money and receipts throughout the event. At least one treasurer must be present at each con. Treasurer is a two year staggered position.

Current Secretary: Aliya Stanton

The Secretary keeps minutes of all meetings where council business is conducted and posts copies of the minutes to the Resource Master for distribution. Secretaries maintain all of the non-financial records of YRUUP and keep archives of all relative documents.

Adult Coordinator


Current Adult Coordinator: Megan Foote

The Adult Coordinator develops and maintains a list of adult advisors. The Adult Coordinator must contact, recruit, and coordinate the required number of adults for YRUUP events. The Adult Co will facilitate an adult orientation at the beginning of each Con.

Social/Political Activity Coordinator


Social/Political Activity Coordinator: Olivia Joachim

The Social Awareness Coordinator keeps YRUUP members aware of social issues inside and outside the district by coordinating social action workshops at conferences.

Resource and Outreach Managers


Current ROMs: Jasmine Hart and Max Parrish

The Resource and Outreach Managers (ROMs) are responsible for maintaining contact with DREs regarding current happenings in the YRUU community and controls all of the council documents and the website. They are in charge of adding minutes from recent council meetings and administrating the YRUUP Facebook page. The ROMs also represent YRUU at district activities and attend NCUUCC meetings to keep at the forefront of communication between all parties.

Co-Conference Coordinators


Current CoCoCo:  Elara Rivers and Abigail Hasting-Tharp

The Co-Conference Coordinators book sites for YRUUP conferences and recruit youth empowered lay leaders (YELLers) to lead those conferences. They participate in the fundamental planning of events, train YELLers, and act as the go-to people for any problems that arise at or about cons. They are also the primary line of contact with the host congregation.

Current Registrar: Bianca Jussen

The Registrar keeps the mailing list current, sends out fliers six weeks in advance of YRUUP events, and acts as registrar for all conferences. The registrar is also in charge of creating the check-in forms for events, and making sure the online registration system is updated and operational during registration times.

Touch-Group Coordinator


Current Touch-Group Coordinator: Miles Rivers

The Touch-Group coordinator is in charge of creating touchgroups (community-building groups) for cons. They select the people for the groups, and choose leaders to run each group. Con goers meet with their touchgroups after every meal to encourage community bonding and touch base.

Adults Advisors


Current Adults: Suzanne Kimmel, Torger Johnson, David Pillard

Adult advisors provide valuable life experience, relationships, and resources to Council. They also fulfill our legal policies regarding maintaining a safe adults to youth ratio meetings. Adult advisors must be 25 or over and have a connection with Unitarian Universalism.

NCUUCC Representatives

Current Representatives: TBA

NCUUCC is our parent organization, meaning that they are our partner in funding, insurance, and making youth programming accessible. Two members of Council are selected to serve on the NCUUCC board to ensure communication and coordination between Council and NCUUCC. They are full voting members of the board and Council, and attend meetings of both organizations.

YRUUP Council’s 2019-2020 Cycle Training Retreat

YRUUP Council’s 2019-2020 Cycle Training Retreat