I believe that all of us have the spark to transform our surroundings simply by having confidence in our abilities. Cons have taught me that.
— Charles Finley, YRUUP Youth, 2018

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The youth leadership part of cons is so important…because when youth are leaders, everyone is truly an equal at cons, and we are all working as a team to make the experience as great as it can be for everyone.
— Shay Moor, YRUUP Youth, 2018

 Are you a parent of a YRUUP youth?

Come join the YRUUP Parent Facebook Group! This is a space designed specifically for parents and guardians of YRUUP youth to communicate with each other and Council more efficiently. Our Parent Group is what you make it!


Do you enjoy working with youth?

YRUUP is a completely volunteer-run organization. The majority of our leadership positions are filled by youth attendees, but our events cannot happen without the wonderful adults in our community who volunteer as Advisers. Learn more about what Adult Advisors do at YRUUP events, or volunteer through our online form below. If you have any questions, email adultco@yruup.org to reach our Adult Coordinator.